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 In 1993, five very talented musicians, formed the group Heartache Tonight: A Tribute to the Eagles. After months of rehersals they were ready to debut their show. They were an immediate success! The reviews quickly dubbed Brian Eldredge "the most incredible Don Henley impressionist that anyone has ever heard!"

Brian Elderedge emulates John Fogerty The group then decided to add another tribute to their repertoire. They wanted to pay homage to the patriotism of the American people and what better group to represent the spirit of the people.... than the music of "Creedence Clearwater Revival!" Mixing southern Creole styles, R&B and rockabilly, they defined the "spirit and sound" of rock and roll as authentically as any American group ever has. No other group in pop music history achieved the crossover success that"CCR" did.

With Brian's exceptional vocal abilities, he dons a wigBrian Elderedge emulates John Fogerty and costume to emulate John Fogerty. The photos you see here are NOT John Fogerty! This is Brian himself. Not only does he look like John, but he has the facial expressions and voice as well! Combine that with Rick's guitar leads, authentically capturing the classic bluesy rock guitar style,  they make this tribute a huge success!

Rick Ricketts performing signature 

                            CCR guitar leads."The response is incredible", says Brian & Rick. Fans of all ages sing and dance to CCR's songs just as much today as they did a quarter of a century ago! The spirit of the music in general had a great impact on Americans during the Vietnam War, which lifted their spirits and gave them hope. Veterans that hear our tribute come to shake our hands, thanking us for bringing back the music that meant so much to  them during a difficult time in their life. "I am proud to be performing this tribute" says Brian, it reminds us all of our patriotism and what America stands for............... "Freedom."

Remaining group members consist of bassist Lon Garcia, guitarist Matt Barrett, and drummer Bryan Jenkins. Each member, playing an integral part, in perfecting the musical compositions and melodic vocals of both the Eagles and CCR." Re-creating and perfecting the sounds of these tributes was not an easy task" says Brian. It wasn't like we could just gather five musicians and perform. It took finding extremely talented musicians who wouldn't settle for nothing short of perfection.